Use #Frustration as a Tool to #Motivate You

Fighting Back Boxer

Today’s Challenge: Use frustration as a tool to motivate you.

Anger and frustration can be one of the most exciting motivators to get you moving in a new direction.


Today’s Challenge is the theme of all of my novels! πŸ™‚

You can get one of my books here, FREE! Yay!

12 thoughts on “Use #Frustration as a Tool to #Motivate You

  1. Perhaps this means that my anger and frustration with my new laptop will eventually translate into a solution that will gain me access to my photo library again. It is currently being held hostage and all negotiations have been fruitless up to now. I’m highly motivated to simply throw my laptop at the wall :/

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  2. Frustration is good motivation. One day we do get tire. Jack London story. “When Gods laugh”. In the story about a boxer. The boxer questioned. How many fights do we have left? I like the photo and the thoughts create by your amazing thoughts.


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