Find #Time to Go for a #Walk (and #FreeBooks)


Today’s Challenge: Find time to go for a walk… even if it’s just around the block. πŸ™‚

Have a SUPER weekend!

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23 thoughts on “Find #Time to Go for a #Walk (and #FreeBooks)

  1. Love this challenge! It definitely makes me want to take a walk after work! Also signed up for the newsletter and free book – I’m so excited, thanks so much for the wonderful offers!


  2. I signed up for Becky’s email notifications and received a free book. I chose “The Dumpster: One Woman’s Search for Love”. It seemed like a good read and I’m a sucker for quirky, fun relationship books. LOVED IT! Finished it yesterday and truly loved the book – thanks Becky for a great read! The book was super funny and relatable. The writing portrayed realistic experiences and mistakes and had a light, fun story of romance. Definitely worth reading, I highly recommend! πŸ™‚


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