Look Through Old Pictures and #Memories


Today’s Challenge: Look through your old pictures and memories.

I recently went through hard times with somebody I love. I was also in the process of spring cleaning and organizing.

When I came across boxes of old pictures and memories, I slowed down enough to reminisce.

I cried. I laughed. I took pictures of pictures and text them to my sisters. ( I like that rhyme 🙂 )

I separated my memories into three separate boxes: family, friends, and my own personal accomplishments.

It was good for me. I was reminded of my accomplishments, good friends, and loving family. I thought about past loves, family and friends in heaven, and lost dreams.

Going through my past felt like a type of meditation; I blocked out everything but the treasured memories I held on to.

And I learned that no matter what problems I go through with people I love, I will never forget the good times we shared or the positive impact they had on my life.

14 thoughts on “Look Through Old Pictures and #Memories

  1. We have an old box of pictures – and the kids love to go through it when they come home to visit. There’s something about holding an old maybe worn picture that makes the memories special.


  2. Becky, great post! This is one of my favorite things to do. Each photograph from long ago is a treasure. I like to shut the french doors to my office in order to have complete solitude before beginning. As you say, there will be tears and laughter, joy and sorrow. Then, I dive right in for a ‘movie-reel’ of the past. Memories of paper held in the hand forever remain angel wings of the heart. Blessings, Becky.


  3. Sadly I have to delete about 18 years in there…. Too much pain involved. But I sure do like the last 5 worth of pics…. And some childhood stuff:)


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