9 thoughts on “You Can Always #Change Your #Life Simply by Changing Your Mind

  1. Me too, but I have no idea where in the world it might be, in the blog for sure but how long ago….go figure, I can spend an entire day searching for it.

    But the essence of it, if I remember correctly was just that, if you want to change your circumstances then you have to make a radical mindshift since at every moment in your life every hour, you have a choice and either you make the choice, the right one sometimes comes out bad, others so so, but mindshift to change if it´s a bad one for example and course correct the path you are in your life

  2. Hello there Becky, sorry for the late response couldn´t get internet. I´ll be reading you latter have to catch up with quite some people, so hold on you said “some days”……that´s quite a good step up then.

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