15 thoughts on “Open Your Favorite Book to Page…

  1. Favorite book is currently unavailable to me, so this is page 46 of Clash of Kings, which I’m currently reading and will likely rate 5 stars:

    “Sansa could not believe she had spoken.”

    Yeah, I think that about myself a lot, but it’s more like “Did those words really just leave my face?! How people put up with me I have no idea.”


  2. So, Becky, this was wild. I turned to page 46 of my favorite Martha Beck book and found she was describing an incident where she was helping a mother grieve for her lost child. As it happens, my dad has just died. My stepdad, really, but we were close. His son and daughter are here from out of state, and they are struggling because they had been estranged from him for most of their lives. Thank you for this prompt~maybe I will be able to help them.


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