Listen to Music That Takes You Back…


Today’s Challenge: Listen to music that takes you back to your favorite time in life.


One of my favorite times in life, so far… Several years ago, I spent all my free time writing. I stopped drinking, dating and going out and only focused on work and writing novels. Oh, and I was working out and going to a Unity church regularly, too. Maybe it was a time of learning more about me and what I really wanted out of life. Great memories. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Listen to Music That Takes You Back…

  1. This reminds me of how I feel when I listen to John Field’s nocturnes. I don’t travel back into my own memories, per se, but I feel as though I’m transported to the world of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.” The music is so peaceful and refreshing–it sounds like it could replace the soundtrack to the Keira Knightley movie. And though it’s cliché, I do enjoy taking a break from my world and inhabiting Jane Austen’s from time to time.


  2. Hi Becky,
    I did this today. the excercise class I attends plays 60’s and 70’s music and as well as working out I sing as well, its brilliant on all levels. sometimes my past flashes right by me, but in a good way. i love your short pithy suggestions, they ground me if and when I get carried away in the ethereal realms:)


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