9 thoughts on “Try To Get Some #Quiet Time… If You Need It

  1. Hi Becky !! I know what you mean. I used to implement a self-developed meditation technique a long time ago to relieve stress. For one day I told myself (body/mind/soul) –“you will not do anything but relax, you will not answer the phone, you will make no appointments for today, you will not look at your messages, you have no schedule at all and you don`t care–time has no meaning”. It didn`t always work but when it did–every fiber of my being came away relaxed and well rested. Have a good weekend and thank you for allowing me to share this with you!!!


  2. Who doesn’t need quiet time in this day and age?! There is noise everywhere! Buzzers, beeps, bleeps, twitters, message noises, construction..all intrusive sounds to the ears. I’ll take quiet time any time I can get it!


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