7 thoughts on “Find Time To #Meditate

  1. When I went fishing (and sometimes it was slow) I used the time to meditate by closing my eyes and using the gifts I had been given ( like so many other people) and listen to the sounds of the world around me. I would smell the sweet smells of the woods and the water. I could feel the sun on my face as well as the wind , whispering in a language I did not know of the places it was going and where it had come from. The smell of new growth and smell of vegetation gone by–sinking into the ground, providing a base for new life. It would get so quiet you could hear a branch rotten and brittle with age snap and fall, hitting smaller branches on the way down, finally coming to rest on the forest floor thick with pine needles—-or was it the game warden creeping up behind me to check my fishing license?


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