Take Pride In Your Appearance And #Health


Today’s Challenge: Tak


pride in your #health and appearance.
Go ahead and start an exercise plan, floss (maybe even whiten your teeth), cut or pluck some unwanted hair, or maybe just update your look. Why not take a little pride in the awesome person you are?! πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “Take Pride In Your Appearance And #Health

  1. I think I always am representing those and what I care about most. I want to be cool and fun and strong and witty and those things don’t come without intentionally working at it, especially as I age. Excellence doesn’t come without effort and personal appearance is a sign of the menral, emotional, physical, social and spiritual health we are in.


  2. Life is a balancing act isn’t it? We have ideals and principals that shape our behaviors but they cannot be set in stone or they become the guards of the prison we construct. We, above all, must know we are deeply loved by our Heavenly Father who paid all our debts. There is nothing we are required to do in the way of penance or good works that will balance the scales with God. That is why Jesus, before His last dying breath on the cross, said “It is finished!” Debt cancelled! Paid in full!” We can truly breathe easy knowing it is all good between us and God. Our motivations now are rooted in love not fear. Happy Easter. All year long!


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