Don’t Let Hurtful Comments Bring You Down


Today’s Challenge: Don’t let hurtful comments bring you down.
If others purposely say hurtful things to you, they have the problem, not you. They are trying to knock you down. DON’T LET THEM KNOCK YOU DOWN!

7 thoughts on “Don’t Let Hurtful Comments Bring You Down

  1. If people are making fun of you it means you’re already above them so that’s why they try to tear you down to their level of stupidity and insensitivity they trying to break down the wall of confidence that you will build up and try to tear down until it crumbles. When that happens speak love in all things the reason why is because it will shock your adversary into thinking differently about you. Leaving you alone. Name calling is not cool hurtful comments are just in the words of Stephanie tanner how rude. But there’s also words then men and women could use to edify one another. I find that people have a hard time trying to say something nice about someone else then they do themselves. It’s easy for a person to talk good about themselves. However every man and woman must know that life and death are given by way of the tongue. You can add a 5 people or you can bring them down I choose to enter 5 people and lift them up and the reason why is there’s already too much garbage in this world for people to have to deal with just a little bit more of insensitivity and ignorance.

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  2. Last night I found a note on my car that said, “you are going to hell”. I looked around thinking I would find this person..hahah. Then I looked at my car and thought, it’s clean, well loved and parked good. Why me? It has really hit me hard.
    So I’m going to make post-it notes with happy faces, happy quotes and good thoughts and leave them in places around my neighborhood. I hope someone get’s some happiness from it.


    • Wow! That makes me want to cry… how awful. 😦 I’m sorry that happened to you.

      I ❤ ❤ ❤ your idea! That's the way to turn something negative and hurtful into something AMAZING!!! Good for you! 🙂

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