4 thoughts on “Stay On The Right Path, So You’ll make The Right Decisions 

  1. Oh Becky. Thank you so much for this this morning. I have been dithering about trying to sort out what I should be doing with some workshops I am running that aren’t getting the support I need – as in not enough people to cover the rent – but then yesterday I had 3 lovely people come (I need 6 to break even and really 10-12 for all to go well and cover printing etc) but all were so encouraging and then this now. Well! Perfect timing 🙂

    By the way I do really look forward to your posts every day just don’t always have time to comment on them 🙂


  2. I agree – people need to make decisions and keep moving forward. This does not mean they can’t change their minds or make adjustments because nobody makes the perfect decision the first time every time. Often just making a decision and moving forwarding knowing modifications are allowed and expected helps. Making adjustments are just another decision to help ensure you are on the “right path”.

    I love Dr. Seuss – It’s not easy for a mind maker up to make up his mind…


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