18 thoughts on “Ask Yourself, “What Would I Do With My Life If Money Were No Object?” 

  1. Great question Becky! If money were no object: I would start a college scholarship for immigrant students. Out of country tuition in Canada is 5x the cost of residents. Especially challenging for immigrants. And I couldn’t think of a better way to change the world than empowering & uniting countries through education. 📚💚

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  2. But a safari lodge in Africa and offer those who cannot go on a safari an opportunity to do so. To give back with something that I love. Might not heal the world, but it will definitely open eyes and educate

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  3. I would love to build residential homes for people with dementia. I believe they would thrive better living in this type of environment if no longer able to live in their own homes. I envision lots of spaces equipped to recapture bits of memories they still have.

    Each would also have large old timey kitchens, huge family dining tables, and several strategically placed window seats. There would be ample “caring” staff, dementia trained pets, and more. Although secure, the outdoor spaces would have sight-seeing galore.

    I don’t think I’d go broke, because the blessing[s] of seeing their quality of living raised would be like having money in the bank of human kindness!

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