4 thoughts on “Don’t Be Late… Don’t Make People Wait For You

  1. Reblogged this on emmapalova and commented:
    I’ve always hated being late for anything. It puts you at a great disadvantage if you want to position yourself for pictures, story or an interview.
    You don’t get the best seat in the house. And you miss out on the insider’s scoop.
    Being ready and prepared is always the best strategy to success, and a roadway to new friendship.


  2. Being late in and of itself is not being respectful. It’s also another “r” word…Rude! I have corrected my lateness over the years deciding that I could also be early. It also took me realizing that I didn’t like the loud thumping my heart made when I was running late. And I never enjoyed wondering if the party at the other end was starting/finishing without me. Today…I choose early, respectful, and a calm sense of well-being!


  3. This is a good one for me because I AM ALWAYS LATE! No matter what I do I can’t solve this malfunction. That’s just who I am. I NEED TO WORK on this. Why am I typing in ALL CAPS? Because I’m running LATE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!


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