Ask Somebody You Trust For Their Opinion #BDueChallenge


Ask somebody you trust for their opinion.

You don’t have to follow their advice.

You don’t have to take what they say to heart.

But hearing from people who care about you is a good thing.


Stay true to you and do what is right.

6 thoughts on “Ask Somebody You Trust For Their Opinion #BDueChallenge

  1. I had another opportunity to ask my family members’ advice at our recent Family Reunion. When I do this, they never disappoint. Since my lifestyle choices have always been a far cry from those they prefer, big eyes, poker faces, and lots of laughter typically leads them all to have a field day giving me their opinions.

    They know that I enjoy knocking their socks off, and I know that they do their level best to be kind and understanding, even though I’m giving their processors a work out. At the end, I believe we all come away with mental workouts. Personally, I come away with advice from people that love me just the way I am, and the best time from the outside looking in. It’s a blast!!!

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  2. Hi
    Thankyou for posting this good advice.
    Talking with those we trust… i e.would have are best interests at heart is a good idea.
    The need to seek advice is a very complex affair.However to start with sharing you concerns is a good place to start.

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