If You #Procrastinate, Ask Yourself, “How Will I Feel When The #Task Is Complete?”

The task is daunting… maybe you’d rather have lunch with a friend, watch TV, or focus on something easier…

Instead, focus on how completing the work will make you feel.

Then, make a plan for what you will achieve next… keep the momentum… 🤩


9 thoughts on “If You #Procrastinate, Ask Yourself, “How Will I Feel When The #Task Is Complete?”

  1. I feel that the old Spanish saying from grandma “Don’t let what you have to do today for tomorrow” is absouletely true. As the other blogger said that he or she applies it to everything in life, I do to. Today for example, had to take the freaking crazy dog to the “doggie doctor” to get her nails cut and wash her. She is a bulldog so these types are very sensible in everything, that includes skin care hence the “expert” washer that is not far away from this home and he is cheap and effective. I had the appointment at 10 a.m, I was writing and didn’t want to leave the house, but it has happened to me before to let it pass and the next month the little bulldog is having problems with her skin. So had to get up, walk all the way with the dog that she hates walking outside and it takes forever, I actually have to grab her in my arms and walk since she won’t walk by herself, so it´s a daunting task she does weigh 30 kilos so that’s about 50+pounds. But if not today, then again she would get more skin things on her and me more money to spend on “repairing” the little devil. So no procrastination, from the little things to the big things.

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