Take A Good Look At Your #Finances And See If You Can Save #Money

Today’s Challenge: Take a good look at your #finances and see if you can save #money. 

Have a great weekend!

Angie, from The Gentlemen’s Club: A Story For All Women, worked hard to get herself out of debt… and to get her life back on track. Credit-card-debt-free is a wonderful accomplishment! $$$ 🙂

Outside the Comfort Zone

Love this! ♡

I Kind Of Like That About Myself

comfort zone

noun: a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress

Oh how lovely to be in my little bubble. My comfort zone. My routine. I wake up and go through my schedule slowly and methodically, day in and day out. Coffee, yoga, work. Cleaning, cooking, caring for my family. It’s a safe place of predictability, slow and steady comfort that is under my control.

But outside of that bubble is a big wide world of beauty and complexity that beckons. Whenever I step outside of my comfort zone I am rewarded. With what? It is hard to put a name on discovery. Excitement? Anticipation? Endorphins? Perhaps it is just the continued revelation that I am so small. There is nature of course that looms large and majestic and wild. And then there are people who are kind and creative. That heady mix shifts my…

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