Take A Good Look At Your #Finances And See If You Can Save #Money

Today’s Challenge: Take a good look at your #finances and see if you can save #money. 

Have a great weekend!

Angie, from The Gentlemen’s Club: A Story For All Women, worked hard to get herself out of debt… and to get her life back on track. Credit-card-debt-free is a wonderful accomplishment! $$$ 🙂

#Feel Your Feelings, But Don’t Put Exaggerated Labels On Yourself #ReturningInjury

Today’s Challenge: Feel your feelings, but don’t put exaggerated labels on yourself.

Sometimes we’re scared… that doesn’t mean we have Anxiety Disorder. 

Sometimes we’re sad… that doesn’t mean we have Depression.

Sometimes we are excited and can’t concentrate… that doesn’t mean we have ADHD.

Sometimes we cry… that doesn’t mean we have Post Tramatic Stress Disorder.

In Returning Injury, Rebecca has a stalker… just imagine the mind games she goes through to find her strength and her truth…