Talk Less


Today’s Challenge: Talk less.

I’m guilty. Sometimes I talk too much and don’t listen enough. Sometimes I’m so caught up in my thoughts and everything I need to say, that I stop listening. Sometimes I’m so sure I have the answers to the problems and I’m quick to share my (in my mind) brilliance.

But, there are times when I’m quiet and I listen. I slow down and I hear what other people say to me. And it’s amazing to actually listen to the people we care about. To really listen. Something else happens, too. We start to listen to body language and the tone of the voice and the emotion… and suddenly we’re closer to people around us… we’re connecting.



Try Not to #Worry. Worrying Takes…


Today’s Challenge: Try not to worry. Worrying takes away all the good in your life right now.

I had to learn this lesson while I was trying to save my Pug from cancer. (She’s still doing great!) I’ve also had to learn this over the years while going through major life changes. Easier said than done. I’m going through another life transition… they just keep coming… I don’t like change… 🙂 But this time, I’m using exercise to help me get through it. I figure worry is nothing but pent-up nervousness, frustration and fear of the unknown–basically, worry is nervous energy that needs to be released. A walk helps, lifting weights even better, but today I’m going to try to go for a run… This should be interesting! LOL I’m not much of a jogger, but I have the need to run off some of this sad, negative energy. I’m hoping I can do a half mile to start. Wish me luck! 🙂

#Listen to People You #Trust



Today’s Challenge: Listen to people you trust.


My editor told me my novel wasn’t finished, there was no ending…

Frustrated, I took a break. When I reread the book, I discovered she was right.

A couple of days ago, I woke up crying (happy tears) because the ending came to me…

Now I’m back to rewriting.

It’s funny how I can be so stubborn and stuck on one line… only later to discover that the one line wasn’t that good after all… LOL 🙂