Appreciating the Lows


If everything in your life was perfect…

If you felt great all the time…

How would you know you’re happy?

Without challenges…

Without the lows…

Nothing to compare to the highs.

How would you know that something amazing happened?

How would you know you worked hard to get to a better place?

We have the lows and the difficult times, so we can experience the highs.

So we know what love feels like…

So we know what sacrifice means…

So we know good from bad…

Happy from sad…

So when we’re down, let’s remember that tomorrow will be better.

We will smile, love, laugh again…



womenfriendsSome would assume I love the mall and shopping for clothes or shoes, but my favorite place to shop is an office supply store. I feel excited and happy when I walk into an Office Max, Office Depot, Staples or any other store that has paper, printer ink and pens. While some women love shopping for purses, I like to look at computer bags or desk chairs or anything that will help me in my career.

Another place that feels like home is FedEx Kinkos. I love the row of Xerox machines and work stations–I’ve spend many hours and lots of money in these places. Whether I’m shipping a package, making copies, or having the staff help me create a banner for my booth at an expo, I’m full of enthusiasm.

Maybe it’s because I know that almost everybody who walks into an office supply store or FedEx Kinkos has a bigger goal in mind, and I love to be around people with goals… 🙂





Fighting Back BoxerStrong, brave, courageous women are not afraid of rejection or failure.


Taken from The Woman’s Handbook: Everything you want to say to your daughter, sister, niece, friend in one simple book.

The Woman's Handbook

I wrote this book for all the young women out there… when we don’t want to preach or lecture, this book says it all… 🙂



Two of my favorite quotes:

“No matter where you go, there you are.”


“The greatest revenge is a life well lived.”

I used to enjoy (enjoy is probably not the right word) running from my problems. After jumping on a Greyhound Bus and running all the way to North Carolina, (I would have kept going, but I was as far east as I could go… I was at the ocean) I rented a house and started writing… Within a couple of months, I finally realized that no matter where you go, there you are. All my issues and problems were internal. So, I got back on the bus and headed back to Minnesota to take control of my life. And I did. 🙂

I don’t hold grudges. I don’t get revenge… I think revenge is pointless. If somebody hurts me, they’ve made their point and I’ll stay away from them. I’m not going to spend my time and energy trying to hurt them back. I have better things to do with my life. I’ve made the decision to use heartaches and hurt feelings as stepping stones to a better life. It is so true that the greatest revenge is a life well lived.


Oil Paint

I love art, and I love to paint. (See a few of my paintings below.) At this point in my life, art is an expensive hobby. Most of my work goes to family and friends, some paintings I create to hang on my walls, and I’ve even sold a few pieces. 🙂

I love the instant recognition that comes with art.

It takes a matter of seconds to know if somebody likes your paintings. With novels, you only know if the book starts to sell, and that could take years.

*As with all art, my paintings are better in person. 🙂

Salem-SOLD smSunnyIsles-SOLD (2) smLoveland (2) smAventura-SOLD smMiami-SOLD