#Listen to Your #Body…


Today’s Challenge: Listen to your body.

I know I’m going through something serious when my body tells me… When I have DEEP feelings of fear, confusion, and rejection, my body reacts. My stomach does flips and refuses all food. When I can’t eat, I start to drop weight. Sleeping through the night is impossible because my mind won’t, can’t relax. I get headaches and sometimes have tightness in my chest–my heart might even decide to beat at a faster pace than needed.

Clearly, when this happens, I’m in a state of fight or flight. In other words, I need to either fight for my rights, needs, life… or I need to run like crazy and get the He** away from the problem.

The decision causes more havoc on me and my body. What should I do? Should I stay and fight or should I run? That fear of the unknown sets in… Scary!

But what is even scarier, is to do nothing. To let your body stay in that fight or flight mode for weeks, months, years…

… causing illness, depression, addiction, rage…

Sometimes our body is screaming at us to be brave and stand up to our fears… but usually our body is simply saying, “Please listen to me.”

Be Mindful of Where Your Thoughts are Leading You

Carrie's Breathe Rock

Today’s Challenge: Be mindful of where your thoughts are leading you.

Our happiness starts with our thoughts.

A week ago, I flew back to Colorado to be closer to Shorty’s Vet and CSU. I didn’t have my car, so a driver picked me (and Shorty) up at the airport and drove us home. During the one hour trip, I noticed how negative the driver was. He told me about the bad things happening in his life, and he shared with me his many believed conspiracy theories about life in general, mainly that the world would come to an end within the next 15 years.

I didn’t argue much, but I did tell him that I believed everything was going to get better in the world… soon.

This driver was a very nice guy, likable, but I couldn’t wait to get home–his attitude was depressing and exhausting. His thoughts seemed to have run away on him, and he let it happen. He decided this year would be the worst, snowiest year in Colorado. He decided that the world was coming to an end. And he decided that he would never be able to make money doing what he loved. He made up his mind how his life was going to be… and so it was… Negative.

I’ve been guilty of doing the same thing. When I was younger I had certain beliefs that held me down. Thankfully, I’ve learned that I have power over my thoughts, and therefore I have power over my life.

Staying positive isn’t always easy, but if we stay positive, our lives will be positive. If we stay negative our lives will be negative. If we focus on all the good in our future, our future will be good. If we focus on the bad in our future, our future will be bad.

Plus, positive people are a lot more fun to be around! 🙂


Shorty Update: She had her surgery on Monday. Wednesday I went back to the vet to get antibiotics because her incisions didn’t look good, they were red and bleeding a little. Friday, I took her back to the vet because the incisions looked even worse and Shorty seemed uncomfortable. My vet cleaned up the incisions, gave her more antibiotics and gave her some pain medication. My day on the couch with her turned into a week, and I can happily say that she is finally doing great! 🙂



Face the #Problem so…

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Today’s Challenge: Face the problem so you don’t add to it.

I went to lunch with a friend yesterday and I shared with her that I had been struggling with a couple of businesses that had let me down. I also let her know that I was now in a much better place because I had finally faced my problems.

I didn’t want the trouble and heartache of confrontation, so I continued to believe that I could ignore the problems, or send very nice emails once a month confronting the issues and the problems would simply be resolved. By taking this approach, my troubles grew, my stress grew, and before long I had nothing but sleepless nights. I now know that if I’m not sleeping at night, I’ve waited much too long to face the problem. Aren’t our bodies amazing? My body was telling me, “Confronting the issue is long overdue. It’s time!” When both businesses started to ignore me in hopes I’d go away (my same strategy), I took the next step and went to Better Business Bureau. The first business took action and we resolved the problem quickly and painlessly. Amazing! AMAZING! The second business (A book distributor who has not only continued to list my books and my name on their website, they have continued to sell my eBooks without paying me–two years after our contract ended) used the strategy of ignoring me and BBB, so now the Attorney General in that state is taking a look.

I spent so much time feeling upset and frustrated by these businesses. I was the one having sleepless nights, not them. And I didn’t do anything wrong (other than waiting, hoping, instead of taking action sooner). It’s ironic. But now, I’m sleeping fine and I will stay on top of this until we have a resolution. The sleepless nights should be on them, not me.

I have to repeat the daily challenge, face the problem so you don’t add to it, and sometimes waiting and hoping and ignoring is adding to the problem. Learn from my mistake… 🙂

Years ago, I created the app “I’m Upset!” The last part of this app, the “Quick Check In” says this:

Ask yourself these question:

  • Am I upset?
  • Why am I upset?
  • What can I do about it?
  • Is it out of my control?
  • Is it really important?
  • Should I let it go or do I need to confront the issue?
  • Why am I feeling so powerless?
  • How can I take responsibility for this, so I can get my power back?


Clearly, I needed to take my own advice instead of dragging my feet… But at least I’m facing it now and it feels great to take my power back! 🙂