Limit Your Time With People Who Drag You Down #WeeklyChallenge

This Weeks Challenge:

Limit your time with people who drag you down. #WeeklyChallenge

As the old saying goes, “misery loves company” but success and happiness loves company too… so pull people up if you can. 😁


From my Novels:

Sometimes we are pulled down without realizing it’s happening until it’s too late… down and miserable. How in the world did that happen? Angie, Christy, Rebecca, Nicole… they all have to find their way back to happiness.


When I looked at cover of this book, I thought it was a self-help book. After reading it, I thought the book was sort of self-help in fiction form. This book is well-written, and I love the different struggles in Amanda’s relationships – especially with Sam. I connected with the characters and felt their pain. I loved the way she learned something about each relationship which helped her discover herself. The pacing and dialogue were excellent.
This review is from: Traveling for Love: Searching for Self, Hoping for Love (Kindle Edition)
5.0 out of 5 stars Engaging, June 26, 2014
Thanks for another great review! 🙂

Saying Yes

5novelbookcovers 005


I’ve been saying no for years


One too many bad experiences

Being unprepared

Not liking the interview, article…

Convincing myself I can’t do it

I don’t like doing it

I’m an introvert, that’s my excuse

I’m changing

I’m going to start saying yes

I’m going to ignore my self-doubt

I’ve learned from my bad experiences

I’ll be ready

I don’t have to like everything people say about me

I don’t have to always like the things I say

I can do it

Yes, I’m an introvert, but this is important for my career

I’ve changed

I’m changing

I’m excited

And I’m going to say YES to everything!


I’m a little nervous to get out there again… wish me luck! 🙂


Love, Romance and Relationships: Crazy Expectations


What do you bring to the table?

If you think you are very “nice” …and if only a man could see how “nice” you are, he would realize how lucky he is to be with somebody so “nice”.

Stop fooling yourself! 99% of people are basically nice… what else you got?

Are you successful in your career? Do you have a wonderful social circle? Are you healthy both emotionally and physically?

You have to be happy and healthy if you have high expectations for a potential mate.

If you’re not happy and healthy, then you should plan to settle on somebody who is more like you… somebody who doesn’t have a great job, or maybe doesn’t have a job at all, somebody who doesn’t get along with people very well, and somebody who doesn’t take care of himself physically or emotionally.

Get real and fix what you don’t like about yourself before you try to force your crazy expectations on somebody else.

I believe in you! I believe you deserve a great man! Just make sure you’re great too!

Stay fun,

Renee (from the Dumpster: One Woman’s Search for Love)


An Internal Fight: Should I Stay?


1bathDeep inside


Should I leave her? him?

Would I be happier alone?

Would I enjoy dating others, starting over?

Or should I stay?

Feeling a calling


Should I quit my job?

Could I find something better?

Should I start my own business?

Or should I stay?

This huge world

Feeling stuck

Should I move?

Will I thrive in a new environment?

Could the change be good for me?

Or should I stay?


Am I stuck?

Am I too afraid of change?

Is it fear of failure or fear of success?

Am I too comfortable?

Is comfortable good?

What are the risks?

What if I do nothing and stay?

What if I stop thinking that there has to be more? There has to be better?

What if I win the internal fight by deciding to stay where I am…

decide to be happy with every aspect of my life?

And what if I wake up everyday at peace with myself because I decided to stay?


Recently, I had an important decision to make about my future. After months of sleepless nights, the answer came to me with an incredible sense of calm. I know I made the right decision. But even if I hadn’t, just making a decision was a step in the right direction–I came down off the fence, and I picked a side. How freeing! 🙂

I’m excited!










Live, Love, Learn: You Will


You will be happy

You will find success

You will let go of negativity

You will straighten out the mess

You will have your soul mate

You will find your dream

You will create friendships

You will have a safe place to lean

You will stop worrying

You will let go of the past

You will find your focus

You will make your positive impression last

You will be a good friend

You will be a good lover

You will be a good father

You will be a good mother

You will be complete

You will be fulfilled

You will find your place

You will use your will

You will uncover your passion

You will explore your reason

You will be everything you want to be

You will thrive through every season

You will stay true to who you are

You will always be yourself

You will know that’s enough

You will find your inner wealth

You will…

You will…


Empowerment: A Story for All Women

The Gentlemen's Club, A Story for All Women

Angie doesn’t want to be a victim anymore. Deep down what she hopes for most is to find a good man to love and to feel safe in this world, but her fears take her down the wrong path. She repeats the abuse that started at age eleven when she was molested–an abusive marriage is followed by homelessness and she eventually sells herself in demeaning ways. She tries to convince herself that she is in control of her life and that she has power over men. But it is not the life she dreamed of. Angie meets Julie, who quickly becomes her best friend. They realize the similarities in their struggles and in the struggles of other women: everything from childhood sexual assault, domestic abuse, rape, prostitution, depression, morals, liberation, relationships and independence. Angie’s anger and suffering lead her to fight for change for herself and all women through writing. She gets a job at a women’s newspaper. Her self-esteem grows. With Julie’s help, Angie decides to do a piece on the women working at a local strip club. They discover the sad realities of the women’s lives and encourage them to make healthy changes. But first they decide to get revenge on the men who go to, The Gentlemen’s Club.

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Love, Romance and Relationships: The Other Half of Who I Am

RomanceLoveRelationshipsHeartmy eyes are filled with ocean tears
unknown depth of futures and distant years
my pasts are leaves from trees
passing in the breeze
you’re the one they lead me to
the changing seasons of emotion always new
and there you stand
stronger and more beautiful than any man
the other half of who I am


   When her husband tells her, he wants a divorce, Amanda realizes she no longer knows who she is – her life revolved around her husband. At forty, she finds herself divorced, childless, living in an apartment with a roommate, with little education and no career path. Amanda starts dating, finds employment as a travel agent, and begins the search of finding herself and – with a little luck – the right man.

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