If You #Procrastinate, Ask Yourself, “How Will I Feel When The #Task Is Complete?”

The task is daunting… maybe you’d rather have lunch with a friend, watch TV, or focus on something easier…

Instead, focus on how completing the work will make you feel.

Then, make a plan for what you will achieve next… keep the momentum… šŸ¤©


Don’t Ever Think It’s Too Late #WeeklyChallenge #MondayMotivation

This week’s Challenge:

Don’t ever think it’s too late.

#WeeklyChallenge #MondayMotivation


As we get a little older our dreams might slip away, but they don’t have to… Maybe it’s time to make a few adjustment so you can reignite your passion.


About the Books:

While under the weather, I decided to read one of my own books. What a wonderful day that was. ā™„ I needed that!

#Feel Your Feelings, But Don’t Put Exaggerated Labels On Yourself #ReturningInjury

Today’s Challenge: Feel your feelings, but don’t put exaggerated labels on yourself.

Sometimes we’re scared… that doesn’t mean we have Anxiety Disorder. 

Sometimes we’re sad… that doesn’t mean we have Depression.

Sometimes we are excited and can’t concentrate… that doesn’t mean we have ADHD.

Sometimes we cry… that doesn’t mean we have Post Tramatic Stress Disorder.

In Returning Injury, Rebecca has a stalker… just imagine the mind games she goes through to find her strength and her truth…