Take Time for Yourself


Today’s Challenge: Take time for yourself.


I will be away for¬†several days because¬†I’m having minor surgery next week. I’ve decided to unplug and focus on reading, writing and relaxing¬†while I prepare and recover. I’m excited.

If I’m too bored, I’ll probably¬†check in with my favorite blogs¬†and bloggers. Yay! ūüôā

Have an amazing weekend… and next week. ūüôā

Page Through One of Your Favorite #Books


Today’s Challenge: Page through one of your favorite books.

While doing some marketing research, I started looking at other author’s websites and Facebook pages.¬†I normally only¬†check out the¬†hot, new authors to see what they are doing online, but out of curiosity, I looked up my old favorite,¬†Richard Bach. I reread his bio and learned that he had released Illusions, part¬†two. WHAT? Of course I had to download it right away. Then I went to my bookshelf and grabbed my taped-together copy of Illusions, Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah and started reading this book for¬†the¬†twentieth time.¬†I wanted to read¬†part one¬†again before I started part two, Illusions, Adventures of a Reluctant Student.

I love how rereading a book, after many years, takes me back in time. ūüôā


Take a Break When You Need To…


Today’s Challenge: Take a break when you need to… and have a great weekend! ūüôā

I’m going to¬†“try” something…

I’m going to “try” to stop all social media and blogging for 1 week.

I’m afraid I’ll miss it, and I’ll never last a week… but I’m going to give it a “try.” ūüôā

Wish me luck! I’m going to focus on my new book and some personal stuff… I need to shake things up a little!!!! ūüôā

But don’t be surprised if I’m back in a few days…¬†LOL

Make it #Easy


Today’s Challenge: Make it easy.


This goes for the goals we want to achieve, dinner we want to cook, work we need to complete, weight we want to lose, friends we want to keep, errands we need to run, habits we want to break, and everything else in our lives.

We tend to complicate things when there is almost always an easier way. I’m guilty. ūüôā

Recently, I’ve had several people (reviewers, bloggers and other authors) contact me about reviewing my books. THIS IS VERY EXCITING!!! So I’ve decided to try to “Make it easy” and I now have a For Reviewers page on my site. YAY! ¬†(Upper menu, far right.)

I’m also available for interviews and guest posts. ūüôā

About my Novels:

The Gentlemen’s Club is all about the struggles of a young woman (Angie), and deals with many women’s issues: Domestic Violence,¬†Rape and Sexual Assault, Equality, and so on… This novel is not about women being victims, it’s about women overcoming hard times and becoming stronger and better than the people who try to knock¬†them down.

NEW COVER reprinted with new cover

Touchable Love is about a woman (Christy)¬†who has made¬†bad choices causing¬†her to build up walls for protection. Two amazing men come into her life and teach her all about love and¬†healthy relationships. (I’m not sure why¬†a reviewer claimed¬†Christy¬†had a¬†sexual relationship with both men–Clearly¬†she did not read the book. LOL) Anyway, Christy bravely and creatively¬†faces her demons¬†in hopes¬†of a better life.

NEW COVER reprinted with new cover

Returning Injury is about a woman (Rebecca) who is being tormented by a stalker. She has to find her inner strength, trust her instinct, and face all of her insecurities and doubts about her life.

The Dumpster is a light-hearted romance about¬†a naive¬†woman (Nicole)¬†who falls in love too easily. She suffers heartache after heartache¬†because men do not¬†want¬†to marry her. When¬†Nicole’s two best friends start to settle down and her own parents go through uncertainty in their relationship, Nicole realizes she better make changes in her life or she’s going to end up alone.

Traveling for Love makes divorce not look so bad. Amanda is lost after her divorce. She feels rejected and her self-esteem is in the toilet. After she finds a job she enjoys and starts getting out with friends, she slowly discovers that divorce is not the end of the world. In an unconventional way, she learns more about herself and her wants and needs.


I also have a¬†children’s book, Blue the Bird On Flying,¬†a gift book, The Woman’s Handbook¬†and two self-help booklets: 2 Days to healthy Self-Esteem and Secrets¬†of a Thin Woman¬†for .99 each. Oh, and my app, I’m Upset! which is a check in for women and was inspired by Returning Injury and The Dumpster.

Contact me here for a review copy. Or if you are just interested in reading one of my books, they are available everywhere books and ebooks¬†are sold–They’re on Audio, too! ūüôā

Turn Bad Choices into…


Today’s Challenge: Turn bad choices into life gifts.






I went to see Oprah on Friday night–I skipped the rest of the tour, because I really just wanted to see Oprah. She spoke for almost two hours about her life. I feel blessed that I was able to experience¬†this amazing woman¬†live. Although I had heard¬†some of¬†her life¬†stories before, I¬†love the reminder¬†that when bad things happen to us, our lives¬†often move in a better direction. This has happened to me¬†many times… and even if I don’t see the positive in the experience right away, I know deep down that there is a lesson for me to learn. I wrote about this many years ago in my first novel, The Gentlemen’s Club: A Story for All Women. Angie, went through some hard times of homelessness and being assaulted on a bus, but she always knew that with every bad experience, something good was at work. These two experiences of Angie’s, were actually my experiences, and I’ve had many more… the one I thought about yesterday, was when I was in seventh grade, I spent the night with¬†a friend whose father had a cupboard full of hard liquor.¬†We thought it would be a brilliant idea to drink some, but because¬†it was my first experience with hard booze, I over¬†did it and became very sick, unconscious.¬†Long story short, ever since that night, I’ve never liked hard liquor, or mixed drinks.¬†I consider this to be an amazing gift. Don’t get me wrong, in my early twenties, I loved to drink and go crazy and have fun with my friends, but I only drank beer¬†and I kept track of the bottles so I wouldn’t get drunk, unless of course that was the goal. ūüôā¬†These days, I don’t drink at all.¬†I’ve had too many people I love hurt by alcohol so I’ve just decided to skip it all together, besides, I’m a hell of a designated¬†driver!

Headed Home


I’ve been out of town for a while. I’m anxious to get home so I can meet with my¬†editor and crack down on work… and exercise.¬†I miss a routine when I’m not on one. ūüôā

I sure had a¬†great time visiting family and friends… a wonderful getaway!

But… I’m looking forward to my bed, neighborhood, car, kitchen, focused work, local friends, my basement gym, routine…

I’m sure when I get home and settled…

I’ll become anxious…

and in need of…

another trip…

just¬†to¬†get away from it all. ūüôā