Live, Love, Learn: Life Changes

I’m going through many life changes and I have my moments of wanting to stuff my true feelings. This morning, a little sad and confused, I picked up a copy of The Woman’s Handbook and randomly opened to this page: Don’t turn your feelings inward against yourself or you could end up with depression.

Nice Reminder! 🙂


The Woman's Handbook


Searching for self, Hoping for Love

5.0 out of 5 stars hits home, July 9, 2013
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This is a quick read. I read it in a day. It’s also the type of book you just don’t want to put down.
This book really hits home for me. I felt a connection with the main character Amanda. She was always looking for love, but the wrong way with the wrong men. The old saying “No one can love you until you love yourself” is true.
It was only when Amanda really took care of herself, and found her self worth, and self love..that she found the man of her dreams.
I feel all women can relate to this story no matter what your personal love life history is.
Traveling for Love is also available on Audio