Give Others The Benefit Of The Doubt #BDueChallenge #MondayMotivation




Give others the benefit of the doubt.


Putting ourselves in other people’s shoes, and giving them the benefit of the doubt, can have a very positive outcome.

…Not the greatest idea to believe everybody always, especially people who have broken our trust repeatedly, but most people deserve a chance…

And, it feels good! šŸ™‚

Be Proactive Not Reactive #BDueChallenge #MondayMotivation




Be proactive, not reactive.



Christy, Touchable Love, spent much of her life reacting and running from her problems instead of facing them. Loneliness and depression took over until she was able to turn her life around.
Touchable Love

Touchable Love is an important book for women. Not only does it confront important social issues, but also it inspires women to live with dignity, honesty and passion.” Ā  Ā Ā  J. Smithson

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#Feel Your Feelings, But Don’t Put Exaggerated Labels On Yourself #ReturningInjury

Today’s Challenge: Feel your feelings, but don’t put exaggerated labels on yourself.

Sometimes we’re scared… that doesn’t mean we have Anxiety Disorder. 

Sometimes we’re sad… that doesn’t mean we have Depression.

Sometimes we are excited and can’t concentrate… that doesn’t mean we have ADHD.

Sometimes we cry… that doesn’t mean we have Post Tramatic Stress Disorder.

In Returning Injury, Rebecca has a stalker… just imagine the mind games she goes through to find her strength and her truth…