Make it #Easy


Today’s Challenge: Make it easy.


This goes for the goals we want to achieve, dinner we want to cook, work we need to complete, weight we want to lose, friends we want to keep, errands we need to run, habits we want to break, and everything else in our lives.

We tend to complicate things when there is almost always an easier way. I’m guilty. 🙂

Recently, I’ve had several people (reviewers, bloggers and other authors) contact me about reviewing my books. THIS IS VERY EXCITING!!! So I’ve decided to try to “Make it easy” and I now have a For Reviewers page on my site. YAY!  (Upper menu, far right.)

I’m also available for interviews and guest posts. 🙂

About my Novels:

The Gentlemen’s Club is all about the struggles of a young woman (Angie), and deals with many women’s issues: Domestic Violence, Rape and Sexual Assault, Equality, and so on… This novel is not about women being victims, it’s about women overcoming hard times and becoming stronger and better than the people who try to knock them down.

NEW COVER reprinted with new cover

Touchable Love is about a woman (Christy) who has made bad choices causing her to build up walls for protection. Two amazing men come into her life and teach her all about love and healthy relationships. (I’m not sure why a reviewer claimed Christy had a sexual relationship with both men–Clearly she did not read the book. LOL) Anyway, Christy bravely and creatively faces her demons in hopes of a better life.

NEW COVER reprinted with new cover

Returning Injury is about a woman (Rebecca) who is being tormented by a stalker. She has to find her inner strength, trust her instinct, and face all of her insecurities and doubts about her life.

The Dumpster is a light-hearted romance about a naive woman (Nicole) who falls in love too easily. She suffers heartache after heartache because men do not want to marry her. When Nicole’s two best friends start to settle down and her own parents go through uncertainty in their relationship, Nicole realizes she better make changes in her life or she’s going to end up alone.

Traveling for Love makes divorce not look so bad. Amanda is lost after her divorce. She feels rejected and her self-esteem is in the toilet. After she finds a job she enjoys and starts getting out with friends, she slowly discovers that divorce is not the end of the world. In an unconventional way, she learns more about herself and her wants and needs.


I also have a children’s book, Blue the Bird On Flying, a gift book, The Woman’s Handbook and two self-help booklets: 2 Days to healthy Self-Esteem and Secrets of a Thin Woman for .99 each. Oh, and my app, I’m Upset! which is a check in for women and was inspired by Returning Injury and The Dumpster.

Contact me here for a review copy. Or if you are just interested in reading one of my books, they are available everywhere books and ebooks are sold–They’re on Audio, too! 🙂

Oil Paint

I love art, and I love to paint. (See a few of my paintings below.) At this point in my life, art is an expensive hobby. Most of my work goes to family and friends, some paintings I create to hang on my walls, and I’ve even sold a few pieces. 🙂

I love the instant recognition that comes with art.

It takes a matter of seconds to know if somebody likes your paintings. With novels, you only know if the book starts to sell, and that could take years.

*As with all art, my paintings are better in person. 🙂

Salem-SOLD smSunnyIsles-SOLD (2) smLoveland (2) smAventura-SOLD smMiami-SOLD


Friends with Women


Surfing with my Niece, Danielle

Surfing with my Niece, Danielle

If you feel like you have no friendships with women, take a look around you and broaden your definition of friend.

Besides my friends, I love spending time with my sisters, nieces, aunt, and my mom.

Mothers, aunts, grandmothers, cousins, daughters, nieces, neighbors, co-workers, in-laws, etc.

There is nothing like embracing our estrogen and spending time with other great woman.


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Best Email Ever… So Far… :-)

I received this email from a friend… it made my year. I’m now hard at work on my next novel. 🙂

I just finished The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks, and I had to write and tell you, Becky, that you’re ready for the New York Times bestseller list.

I picked this up at the airport to while away the flight on a recent trip to Phoenix & Santa Fe. As I think you know, this is not the usual type of reading I spend a good part of my life immersed in, but I chose the book because it looked to be interesting and light. And it was—but not as interesting as your novels, particularly Touchable Love, nor as tightly plotted. As you probably know and the jacket blurb says, “With over 85 million copies of his books sold, Nicholas Sparks is one of the world’s most beloved storytellers. His novels include eleven #1 New York Times bestsellers… You can visit him at

Please read it, Becky, and see if you agree.

I hope everything is going well with you in your personal and writing life. I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.






Couple Sitting on BedWhen we’re feeling resentment

It’s time to check in with ourselves and find out why…

In what way are we neglecting ourselves?

Why are we putting ourselves on the back burner?


Maybe it’s time to start filling our own cup first.

Maybe it’s time to put our oxygen mask on before we try to help the person next to us.

Maybe it’s time to be selfish for a while.


If we let resentment grow

we can ruin relationships.

But if we look inside

we can fix the mistakes we are making with ourselves.


Feeling resentment is usually because we are not standing up for ourselves,

we are not taking care of ourselves.

Ironically, we are RESENTING OURSELVES for not being stronger


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Saying Yes

5novelbookcovers 005


I’ve been saying no for years


One too many bad experiences

Being unprepared

Not liking the interview, article…

Convincing myself I can’t do it

I don’t like doing it

I’m an introvert, that’s my excuse

I’m changing

I’m going to start saying yes

I’m going to ignore my self-doubt

I’ve learned from my bad experiences

I’ll be ready

I don’t have to like everything people say about me

I don’t have to always like the things I say

I can do it

Yes, I’m an introvert, but this is important for my career

I’ve changed

I’m changing

I’m excited

And I’m going to say YES to everything!


I’m a little nervous to get out there again… wish me luck! 🙂


Love, Romance and Relationships: Crazy Expectations


What do you bring to the table?

If you think you are very “nice” …and if only a man could see how “nice” you are, he would realize how lucky he is to be with somebody so “nice”.

Stop fooling yourself! 99% of people are basically nice… what else you got?

Are you successful in your career? Do you have a wonderful social circle? Are you healthy both emotionally and physically?

You have to be happy and healthy if you have high expectations for a potential mate.

If you’re not happy and healthy, then you should plan to settle on somebody who is more like you… somebody who doesn’t have a great job, or maybe doesn’t have a job at all, somebody who doesn’t get along with people very well, and somebody who doesn’t take care of himself physically or emotionally.

Get real and fix what you don’t like about yourself before you try to force your crazy expectations on somebody else.

I believe in you! I believe you deserve a great man! Just make sure you’re great too!

Stay fun,

Renee (from the Dumpster: One Woman’s Search for Love)


Empowerment: A Story for All Women

The Gentlemen's Club, A Story for All Women

Angie doesn’t want to be a victim anymore. Deep down what she hopes for most is to find a good man to love and to feel safe in this world, but her fears take her down the wrong path. She repeats the abuse that started at age eleven when she was molested–an abusive marriage is followed by homelessness and she eventually sells herself in demeaning ways. She tries to convince herself that she is in control of her life and that she has power over men. But it is not the life she dreamed of. Angie meets Julie, who quickly becomes her best friend. They realize the similarities in their struggles and in the struggles of other women: everything from childhood sexual assault, domestic abuse, rape, prostitution, depression, morals, liberation, relationships and independence. Angie’s anger and suffering lead her to fight for change for herself and all women through writing. She gets a job at a women’s newspaper. Her self-esteem grows. With Julie’s help, Angie decides to do a piece on the women working at a local strip club. They discover the sad realities of the women’s lives and encourage them to make healthy changes. But first they decide to get revenge on the men who go to, The Gentlemen’s Club.

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