#Monday, Not A Bad Day To Make A New Commitment To Yourself

Happy Monday!

Start lifting weights

or walking 20 minutes

or replacing pop with water

or quit smoking

or making more time for fun

or start cutting back on spending

or going to bed 30 minutes earlier

or trying a little harder at work

or listening a little better to your spouse

or appreciating everything you have

or simply making the decision to be happy.


Stay True To Your #Values

Staying true to your values isn’t always easy… there are lots of influences out there.

But the surest way to like yourself and be liked by others is to be consistent in what matters to you.

If you’ve lost your way, make a list of what’s important to you then start saying yes to everything on your list.

If sitting on the couch watching TV didn’t make your list, then stop saying yes to the TV or eating too much or skipping workouts or avoiding people you love or online over spending…

Reconnect with what’s important to you, then lock it in! 💪


Move That Awesome Body!

Find a way to move that wonderful body today.

The stressed… the aging… the tired… the injured… the lonely… the overweight… the underweight… the scarred… the restricted… the sad… the fearful… the achy… the idle…

Do something fun and let your body move!

Let the blood flow… Raise those endorphins!

Doesn’t have to be big.

Put on some music and dance or clean up the house or bounce a little in your chair or even just tap your foot or hand.

Maybe a brisk walk around the block

Or hold your stomach muscles or butt muscles tight during commercials or while working. 😋

Do something to feel your awesome body work for you! 💪